Level Up Consulting was founded in 2012 with the purpose of revolutionize the approach to Innovation Management.

Created in 2012, it is composed by a team of consultants with high proficiency and expertise in Project Management, Inovation and Local and European Funding for R&D and Innovation, from FP6, FP7 and now the Horizon 2020.

The Level Up main foundation is the concept of customized consultancy, facing the challenges of each partner in a unique way, with a solid and concise approach.

We pretend to offer a range of services that outcomes the traditional funding consultancy, acting in a proactive manner towards the R&D and Innovation processes of our partners.
Our mission is to bring to our partners the best solutions in what concerns the cost reduction regarding R&D and Innovation, and their operation.

This cost reduction is operated in to vectors: through the analysis of the R&D and Innovation processes and the analysis of the technological and financial solution already in use.

In this way, Level Up Consulting pretends to be a silent partner in what concerns the definition of the innovation strategies of each company.
Level Up Consulting is driven, above all, by honesty: in its approach to each problem and by reporting actively where there are flaws and where the processes can be optimized.

We are creative, from the solutions engaged, to their application. We don’t give up, even when confronted with the hardest obstacles and we cooperate to find a better future for each of our partners.
Level Up Consulting is currently developing an Engineering team to address a very specific challenge.

For that we are looking for some particular profiles to enroll in our team:

1. FPGA Programmers – Specialists in Field-Programmable Gate Array, and its applications, and also experts in next-generation semiconductors.
2. SCM Consultants – Specialists in Supply Chain Management with and academical point-of-view, regarding low-cost solutions implying new generation technology and technology transfer.

If you think you can be an added-value to our team, get in touch!
We can make you count, so count on us.